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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I learn from my girls...

Isn't it crazy how God can take what a 1 year old does and teach us something really insightful...or slap us in the face! I find this to be true all too often.  My daughters are very impatient.  Of course most children are!  "I watch Strawberry shortcake...Mama, I watch Strawberry Shortcake...MAMA I WATCH STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!!"  It goes on all day with various demands.  As if that is not enough, I have Ember with her famous "GGGRRRR!!  Gaga Mama Dadadadada GGGGRRRRR!!!"  In the end I explain, "Mackenzie what do you say?....Mackenzie....say please??"  "Yeah, Please!"  It is pretty comical, but some days I feel like the demands are so great and I would like to just say no to all of them just because and can!  Yesterday afternoon was no exception.  Both girls wanted juice, which happens very often in a typical day.  I heard the adorable little voice "mama, Juice?"  So I finish what I am doing and in the time it took me to finish I heard it probably 3 more times.  Walking to the kitchen, Ember decides she wants in on it so I continue while an animal is hanging from my pant leg, growling with anticipation.  What made me laugh was the fact that Mac was getting more and more heated; very concerned that although I had promised her I was getting her juice and I had never just completely ignored her in the past, I was not going to give her this request that she was asking.  That somehow I had forgotten even though I was in the kitchen, with the cup in my hand and juice out of the fridge!  I laughed but also was so frustrated at the impatience!  Ember still hanging and whaling with huge tears falling like someone had cut a limb from her body and left her to die, Mackenzie saying "Mamma JUICE"  Over and over and over never relenting and in a panic I felt a small voice in me say "they sound like you in your relationship with Me!"  What??  No way, they are acting foolish!  I am in the middle of taking care of their need and they are still complaining and yelling at me....OH, never mind!  Pretty embarrassing but so true.  Wow, so often in my life and in my prayers I need something so bad.  Its not always material things and most the time it is something I know God wants for me but I don't see it happening and I start to panic.  Maybe he is not hearing me.  Maybe I did not ask enough.  Maybe He did not understand what I was asking.  "God, please get us back on track with our finances. God, please give my husband a job he can be proud of and that will fulfill his dreams.  Father, please answer this...answer that."  While I'm Saying "please, please please" He is in the middle of making it happen but I am so caught up in what I want and what I need that I can't even see what He is working on!  Oh it is obvious sometimes.  Just like the cup in my hand and the juice on the counter, He is laying out all of the steps but I am so blinded by my worry, panic and fears.  "Be still and know..." He tells me.  What a calming Father He is!  Thank you for another lesson from my sweet gifts of joy!

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