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Monday, October 17, 2011

The begining...

Blogging...let's see if I can do this!  I have so many thoughts through my day as a stay at home mom and I want my girls to know them...well most of them! Being their mommy is everything I ever dreamed of.  I have two girls.  Mackenzie Grae who is 2 1/2 and ALL princess!  She is my sunshine and is so in love with everything that glitters or sings!  Then I have Ember Noel who is 8 months and keeps me on my toes! She is all but walking and the next step is college and then to conquer the world!  She is so smart and her smiles brightens the whole room!  For the first time I am a stay at home mom which is all I ever wanted so I am trying to learn how to do this thing!  I love it and am so thankful for a husband who does what he can to make it work. Not one day is boring in our life so I might as well share it!

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