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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breakfast of champions...

So we ( mainly I) are tired of the same boring breakfast. Peanut butter toast, pop tarts or Dora cereal. I told Mac Thursday night that mommy would make a special breakfast and I lived up to my word! I started with adding blueberries to my normal pancake batter. They were on sale last week and I wish I would have bought more! As I was flipping my first pancake ( or pup cake as Mac calls them...I think she's confused them with strawberry shortcakes dog) I remembered a recipe for vanilla syrup that I found on pinterest. I quickly pulled it up on my phone and I had all the ingredients!! So I whisked it all together and came up with a beautiful, tasty and quite heavenly breakfast I believe could be served to royalty!! In the end, ember devoured her pancake but was finished and crying to get out of her chair by the time I was ready to sit down, Mac ate a couple bites and decided tinkerbell needed her attention more than mommy needed her approval on her pancakes , and derricks mouth hurt so he wasn't able to eat. Basically I sat down to a cold pancake and ate alone but I'm still very proud of my creation and the glorious dream of a family breakfast it could have brought me!

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