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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sister, sister

For 25 years now I have had a best friend.  In our lifetimes we are not always lucky enough to have a good friend let alone a best friend.  My little sister has been just that.  I could write all evening about all of the love I have for her and how full my heart is with respect, thankfulness, excitement and pride toward the amazing woman she has become, but that is not where I feel led tonight to go with this blog.  Tonight I just want to talk about how much fun I had with her today.  The most fun I have had all year!!She took me shopping for my birthday, took me to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (or "CPK" as she calls it) and made me laugh the whole time.  No one can make me laugh more than that girl.  Her humor is so contagious and the fact that all we have to do is give each other that "look" and we both can not contain the laughter !  The food was amazing and full of garlic deliciousness (that is still going! lol).  I got the cutest clothes...well anything is cute considering I have not shopped for at least a year!   We were able to get the party plates and some details taken care of at Target for Norah and Ember's 1st birthday party.    Basically all around an amazing day.  In the end I told her I just wished she could spend the night!  Boy do I miss going home with her and continuing the laughter!  I am so thankful for this woman in my life and for the memories we have made together...God only knows what's in our future!

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  1. What great photos of you two! You both are so beautiful! This one made me cry! :)